Practical Workshop: Identifying and Treating Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care

The collaborative Mentorship Network traveled across the province to bring family physicians and teams practice training to support their patients with (or at risk of) opioid use disorder.

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Toward Optimized Practice

Quality Improvement Supports: Opioid Practice Change

The AMA Opioid Practice Change Supports are focused on:

1. Improving the patient experience

2. Identifying patients on an opioid within your panel 

3. Optimizing care management and prescribing 

4. Coordinating care in the Patient's Medical Home with community and AHS Services

PCN Improvement Facilitators (IF) and physicians can continue to access Opioid Practice Change training over the Summer and Fall. Physician champion engagement is coming soon. 

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Harm Reduction Module

A Harm Reduction Module for Primary has been released to help family physicians and their tens learn how to integrate Harm Reduction and Continuity of Care in to their work. 

The Harm Reduction Module for Primary Care includes: 

1. Resources and tools implanting a harm reduction approach

2. Patient and family stories 

3. Addressing stigma, bias and myths

                           on the AHS Primary Health Care Resource Centre

PEER Simplified Guideline: Managing Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care


The PEER Simplified Guideline: Managing Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care is published in the May issue of the Canadian Family Physician. 

The objective of the Guideline is to use the best available evidence and principles of shared, informed decision making to develop a clinical practice guideline for a simplified approach to managing OUD in primary care. 

Recommendation outline the role of primary care in treating patients with OUD, as well as pharmacologic and psychotherapy treatments and various prescribing practices (eg, urine drug testing and contracts).  

Calgary Board of Education: Resources for Indigenous Families

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Literature Review: Opioid Prescribing Project

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